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About us

For years, Montreal-based Ness has provided women with clothing that is impeccably designed and completely individual. Ness is for women who are looking for special pieces that stand apart from the basics with unique details, rich colors, fine fabrics, and careful attention to construction and design. Ness is a Canadian leader specialized in all kinds of unique and diversified tops offering and adapting to the latest fashion trends.

Ness also offers petite and women's plus sizing, so everyone can enjoy an array of beautifully constructed and individual pieces in their wardrobe. 


Women turn to Ness for pieces that are fresh departures from wardrobe basics. From a breathtaking and feminine collar that takes a blouse away from the usual, to a lavish skirt in an exciting shape and color or a shirt made delightful with a whimsical printed design, Ness delivers smart pieces to women who are looking for the extraordinary.


Ness believes its clothing should be for savvy women who are in perpetual motion. Ness means looking beautiful day or night, with pieces that are as appropriate during a hectic day at the office as they are glamorous when going out to play underneath the stars. 


Quality is the cornerstone of Ness, with each piece carefully designed and made. Ness not only stays on top of the latest style trends, but also incorporates the latest innovations in fabric and construction techniques to ensure that women will truly be wearing the most fashion-forward pieces.